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App development design at VIV is the process of creating applications for smartphones, tablets, and computers. This involves a variety of steps, from analyzing customer requirements to developing infrastructure to testing and deploying the application.


The main stages of application development are:

Requirements analysis: In this stage, customer requirements are collected and defined to understand what the application needs to do. This can be done through customer interviews, surveys, and focus groups.

Image of the requirements analysis phase in application development. The link opens in a new window.
Requirements analysis stage in application development
Application Design: In this stage, diagrams and illustrations of the interface application are created. The design should reflect customers needs and technical requirements.

Image of the application design phase in application development. The link opens in a new window.
The application design phase in application development
Application development: In this stage, the code is written and the interface application is created. A variety of languages and tools are used to develop applications, including Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, and Flutter.
Image of the application development stage in Application DevelopmentThe link opens in a new window.

The application development stage in application development
Application testing: In this stage, the application is tested to ensure that it works properly and meets customer requirements. Internal and external tests can be performed.
Image of the application testing phase in application developmentThe link opens in a new window.
Application testing phase in application development
App publishing: At this stage, the app is published on the app store or app market.

Image of the application deployment phase in application development. The link opens in a new window.
The application deployment phase in application development

Does Your Business Face some of these challenges?

    Determine the target

    Before designing, determine the goals of the application, taking into account the target market and other competing applications.

    Analyze and search

    The VIV team first analyzes and studies the user’s needs and requirements

    Design (UX) and (UI)

    The team started designing the (UX) and (UI) front-end and tried to provide users with a simple, successful and engaging experience

    Programming and Coding

    When programming and coding, the team plans and organizes screens so that it’s easy to switch between them. Then create a control panel connected to the application database

    Work Process



    Spark your creativity!


    Let’s unleash your inner marketing genius!
    Target Audience: Deep Dive

    Who are you trying to reach? Get specific! Age, demographics, interests, pain points, and online behavior.
    What are their biggest challenges? How can your product or service solve them?
    What are their media consumption habit



    Planning for marketing effectively requires a roadmap to ensure success.
    1. What are you marketing? Is it a product, service, brand, event, or something else?
    2. Who are you trying to reach?
    3. What are your marketing goals?
    4. What’s your budget and timeline?
    5. What are your existing marketing assets?



    Launching a marketing campaign is like sending a rocket into space—exciting!
    Preparing for Takeoff: we target your audience
    We craft a compelling message
    We chose your launchpad
    We set SMART goals and build anticipation
    Go live!:
    Fuel the flight: Monitor performance, analyze data, and adjust your strategies


    Experience and creativity with viv

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    Marketing is an art that depends on knowledge and a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the use of appropriate methods and tools to attract his attention, arouse his interest, and provide him with value that exceeds his expectations as we seek to achieve various business goals.
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