Web Development

Web development at VIV is an exciting field of building and maintaining websites and web applications. It’s like building complex digital bridges, connecting users to information and experiences across the vast landscape of the Internet.


The process involves a combination of creativity and technical expertise, weaving different threads together.

Front-end development: This is the visual face of the site, the part that users directly interact with. This involves crafting a website’s layout, design, and interactivity using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Think of it as a beautiful painting that comes to life through user interaction.

Back-end development: This is the hidden engine that runs the website, handles data processing and communication with the server, and ensures smooth performance. Languages like Python, Java, and PHP play a crucial role here, building a robust infrastructure behind the scenes.
Backend development

Full-Stack Development: Some developers wear both hats, mastering both front-end and back-end skills. They are the architects who envision the entire website structure and bring it to life, seamlessly blending the visual and non-visual aspects.
Web development serves a variety of purposes, from simple static websites that display information to complex dynamic applications such as e-commerce platforms and social media networks.


Bringing ideas to life: They turn abstract concepts into concrete websites that serve various purposes, from educating the public to facilitating online business.
Craft engaging experiences: We weave interactivity and visual appeal into websites, making them not only informative but also fun and immersive for users.

Solving technical puzzles: We constantly face and overcome challenges, fine-tune code, optimize performance, and ensure that websites work flawlessly across different devices and browsers.

Does Your Business Face some of these challenges?

    Search and discover

    First, we need a concrete idea of how to start developing a website designed specifically for you, and this is what we get by conducting comprehensive and extensive research on the current market and competitors.

    UI/UX design

    We focus carefully on this process to ensure a simple and effective browsing journey, which helps your business stand out from your competitors thanks to your unique website design.

    Content creation

    The content writing phase begins once the user journey is planned and technical matters are approved. During this, the use of relevant keywords and terms is taken into account so that the content is compatible with search engine optimization.



    Front-end and back-end development

    In this stage, we create your website digitally to start creating a tangible user journey that leaves a long-lasting impression, and during this, we ensure that our experts take care of all the technical aspects to ensure that there are no issues on the front end.

    Website testing

    The end-to-end testing phase is implemented to avoid any issues that may arise when the website goes live, and we do it once the framework, internal structure, and layers of the website are created.


    Once the front-end and back-end are created, all the content is put on the site, and then the site is tested, so we are ready to publish it, and we wait for the client’s approval until we install the website.

    Work Process



    Spark your creativity!


    Let’s unleash your inner marketing genius!
    Target Audience: Deep Dive

    Who are you trying to reach? Get specific! Age, demographics, interests, pain points, and online behavior.
    What are their biggest challenges? How can your product or service solve them?
    What are their media consumption habits?



    Planning for marketing effectively requires a roadmap to ensure success.
    1. What are you marketing? Is it a product, service, brand, event, or something else?
    2. Who are you trying to reach?
    3. What are your marketing goals?
    4. What’s your budget and timeline?
    5. What are your existing marketing assets?



    aunching a marketing campaign is like sending a rocket into space—exciting!
    Preparing for Takeoff: we target your audience
    We craft a compelling message
    We chose your launchpad
    We set SMART goals and build anticipation
    Go live!:
    Fuel the flight: Monitor performance, analyze data, and adjust your strategies


    Experience and creativity with viv

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    Marketing is an art that depends on knowledge and a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the use of appropriate methods and tools to attract his attention, arouse his interest, and provide him with value that exceeds his expectations as we seek to achieve various business goals.
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